Every Wednesday, beginning at 10 a.m., the five weekly photo contest winners will be displayed for your vote. Voting ends at 8 a.m. the following Tuesday and the winner will be announced in Thursday’s edition of the Herald-Guide.

Each month, the Herald-Guide will pick a monthly winner for the previous month from the four weekly winners. At the beginning of January, each monthly winner, in addition to two photos picked by our staff, will go head-to-head online to determine the winner of a $500 gift certificate.

Traneah Robertson Beard: Spring time changes!
Charles Flowers Beard: The Bird and the Bees
cathy albanese Beard: Pie  In The Face!!!
Gary Deroche Beard: What are you looking at
Gary Deroche Beard: First tomato
Carroll Estevez Beard: New Friends
Jay Matherne Beard: Serenity
Nolita Boyd Beard: Aliyah 2 birthday
Nolita Boyd Beard: Aliyah 2 birthday
Nolita Boyd Beard: Aliyah 2 birthday
Leigh Damare Beard: Electric Personality
Danielle Gardner Beard: Waiting for the parades!
Ashkey Ward Beard: Cats best friend
Jaz\'Myn  Lewis Beard: Mardi Gras Diva Malaya
Judy  Lewis Beard: Mardi Gras Mambum...Man DOWN
Gary Deroche Beard: Lakewood parade
Charleigh Chopin Beard: Parisian Barbie (Charleigh Age 7)
Marcia Anderson Beard: Beautiful baby
Dylan Boudreaux  Beard: Handsome Face
Tanisha Hart Beard: 👑Dutt
Taleah Griffin Beard: Tahj Riley
Dylan Boudreaux Beard: Mr Handsome
Arrinisha  Williams Beard: Ma\'Kenzee\' Faith 😍
Clara Nicholas Beard: I Found the Kingcake Baby
Morris Harris Beard: Mardi Gras Mambo
Gabrielle  Adams Beard: Mardi Gras Babies!
Juliette White Beard: My First Love ❤️
Brandi Brower Beard: Pizza night
Gina Fahrig Beard: Sibling love
Danielle Gardner Beard: Slide, Slide, Slide!
Holly Duhon Beard: Ready to go for a ride
Mandy  Darensbourg Beard: Happy Baby Sleepy Baby
Theresa Hudson Beard: Love playtime!
Theresa  Hudson Beard: Sure, I will smile for you mama!
Luther  Gleen  Beard: Daddy's nosey baby!!!!!
Luther  Gleen Beard: Lil Logan ...looking like a little  teddy bear
Mark Klein Beard: Bayou Gauche Sunset
Jamie Miller Beard: Waiting on my momma to get home.
Kelly Benoit Beard: Patiently waiting

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Parish officials steaming over nonprofit group's water study
Parish officials steaming over nonprofit group's water study
The parish's waterworks director criticized a recent study stating the water has cancer-causing contaminants as really being aimed at creating "mistrust and fear of public water supplies."