It’s Mardi Gras again

Hello, Southeastern Louisiana.

It’s Carnival time again, the time of year when almost anything goes that brings fun and happiness to the people who go out to watch parades, catch doubloons and join the masses in whatever type of costume suits their Mardi Gras splendor.

This year, we have a new touch to the celebration.

The mayors of two main cities in the southern United States of America are vying to claim the origin of our carnival legend, which takes over some three weeks of the streets of our cities with joyous goings on before the solemn season of lent approaches.

Out of the blue went up a billboard between New Orleans and Mobile claiming – “You are 114 miles from America’s Original Mardi Gras,” which was some 114 miles from Mobile, Ala.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu then reportedly replied that Mobile may try to claim the original Mardi Gras celebration but that New Orleans has perfected it.

He added in a message to Mobile mayor Sandy Simpson that he should stick to college football and let professionals in NOLA handle the real Mardi Gras.

And the people of southeast Louisiana can hardly disagree that the real Mardi Gras belongs right here where we are.

Landrieu had the last word so far, tweeting on Friday nght, “Imagine no one knew anything about Mobile Mardi Gras, then BOOM!! NOLA makes it relevant.”

And as we proceed through the Mardi Gras season, we reflect on what a wonderful way of life we have here in southeastern Louisiana.

Take it or leave it, we have fun doing it, don’t we?

So prepare yourself, if you haven’t done it already, for one of the brightest and most entertaining seasons of the year – – it’s Mardi Gras season again.


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