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Louisiana campaign money rules being tested
July 24 at 11:12 am
For the first time in the long history of Louisiana politics super PACS are poised to play a defining role in statewide elections as nearly every candidate for governor has an independent money group backing their efforts.

Business scorecard delivers poor grades for most of Legislature
July 17 at 9:58 am
The annual legislative scorecard compiled by the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry was released Tuesday and includes a grade of “F” for 94 members of the Louisiana Legislature.

Uncertainty clouds state’s fiscal future
July 10 at 3:30 pm
The state’s new fiscal year started on July 1 with a budget that lawmakers and the Jindal Administration say is balanced, but Louisiana’s longterm financial outlook remains as murky as ever as tax collections fail to impress and an ongoing review by national credit rating agencies is nearing completion.

Voters could make four constitutional changes in fall
July 02 at 3:56 pm
In what will be a noticeable change of pace, voters will only have to read through four proposed constitutional amendments on the Oct. 24 ballot, including two that would institute substantive changes to the way transportation projects are funded.

Last-minute vote in House ruled invalid
June 26 at 1:43 pm
A measure to significantly alter how the House elects its speaker, the chief presiding officer in the lower chamber, was passed with no advance notice and no debate during the waning moments of the recently-adjourned regular session.

Tough session for business may lead to tougher re-elections
June 19 at 12:05 pm
The business lobby notched a small win on the final day of the legislative session last week when a handful of bills targeting Louisiana companies and the taxes they pay were given a three-year expiration dates. But it only slightly sweetened what was otherwise an an unsavory end to a painful two months.

Revenue secretary looking past pivotal session role
June 12 at 4:30 pm
At the same time Revenue Secretary Tim Barfield was playing a lead legislative role for Gov. Bobby Jindal this session, primarily trying to make sure lawmakers avoided a net tax increase, other politicos were encouraging him to run for mayor of Baton Rouge.

Cost of consulting contracts questioned - again in Louisiana
June 05 at 10:23 am
A version of a bill to reduce the state’s consulting contracts that was unanimously passed by both chambers of the Legislature last year before being vetoed by Gov. Bobby Jindal appears to be heading back to his desk.

Analysis: Field for governor may not be settled
May 29 at 3:26 pm
Tony Clayton, a special prosecutor for the 18th Judicial District Court, is considering a run for governor as speculation grows about the impact an African-American Democrat would have on the early, all-white field.

PAC activity in Louisiana governor’s race even more super-charged
May 22 at 8:15 am
There’s no shortage of super PACs in this year’s gubernatorial race, meaning the special political action committees that can raise unlimited amounts of money but cannot coordinate with the candidates and campaigns they’re spending cash on.

PAC activity in Louisiana governor’s race even more super-charged
May 22 at 8:15 am
There’s no shortage of super PACs in this year’s gubernatorial race, meaning the special political action committees that can raise unlimited amounts of money but cannot coordinate with the candidates and campaigns they’re spending cash on.

Louisiana lawmakers preparing for more fiscal work in 2016
May 15 at 11:55 am
Lawmakers can only create new taxes or increase them in odd-numbered years, leaving even-numbered years to host their regular sessions. But a constitutional amendment by Rep. Harold Ritchie, D-Bogalusa, would move their fiscal sessions, like the one being held now, to even-numbered years instead.

PAR: Cut legislative, judiciary budgets
May 08 at 12:40 pm
There are only two areas of state government that have standstill budgets for the next fiscal year: the legislative and judicial branches, with $108 million and $176 million proposed, respectively.

Economic secretary facing final session, replacement unknown
May 01 at 10:07 am
Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret was peppered with questions by members of the Senate Finance Committee last week and offered them a mini-preview of several business issues to be debated in what will be his final session working for the governor.

Opening of session ignites race for House speaker
April 17 at 11:37 am
Although the governor has traditionally enjoyed tremendous influence over whom the House selects as its leader — and even though the gubernatorial contest is far from being decided — there are already 10 representatives who tell LaPolitics they are either running for speaker or are considering the internal race.

A Duck Dynasty candidate for lieutenant governor?
April 10 at 9:42 am
Since his showing last year in the 5th CongressionalDistrict race, when he was barely edged out of the runoff, Duck Dynasty cousin Zach Dasher’s political future has been wide open — and now it includes speculation about running for the second highest statewide Louisiana office.

New super PAC enters governor’s race
April 02 at 1:46 pm
In another move that suggests this year’s race for governor could become the most expensive ever waged in the state’s history, another super PAC has announced its intentions to pour money into the election.

Senate president faces toughest challenge of career
March 26 at 4:22 pm
The story about Senate President John Alario’s ability to strike 11th-hour deals, forge unlikely alliances and turn a finger jab into a thumbs up has been written and rewritten repeatedly over the years by practically every publication in Louisiana.

Statewide officials looking at fee changes
March 20 at 10:42 am
With the governor opposed to any net tax increases this session, practically every corner of state government is turning to fees as an avenue to generate additional dollars for the upcoming fiscal year.

Radio ad pulls Jindal into governor’s race
March 13 at 10:44 am
State Rep. John Bel Edwards, D-Amite, has thrown the first media jab in the race for governor with a radio spot that started airing on black radio stations two weeks ago in the Acadiana region.


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SCP will get a share of BP federal settlement
SCP will get a share of BP federal settlement
Although St. Charles Parish officials don’t have a figure yet, they’re saying the parish will get a portion of the proposed BP Oil Spill $18.7 billion settlement with the federal government.