La.’s long relationship with the alligator
July 24 at 11:17 am
Louisiana has long captured America’s imagination with its beautiful bayous, delicious cuisine and abundant wildlife.

Parish ranks high in preparedness
July 24 at 11:11 am
Residents of St. Charles Parish can take comfort in the fact that our parish is ranked among the 13 programs accredited nationally for emergency and disaster preparedness capabilities.

Coastal restoration plan getting better
July 10 at 3:28 pm
At last, Louisiana’s efforts to put together a massive $50 billion, 50-year coastal restoration plan it adopted in 2007 is showing some progress in its financing.

It’s time to get rid of Confederate flag
July 02 at 4:01 pm
Americans and others who favor freedom of the people should take a big step forward by not paying their respect to Confederate flags.

Oyster shells needed to help restore disappearing Louisiana coast
June 19 at 12:07 am
If you eat oysters on the half shell in Southeast Louisiana restaurants in the future, you will be helping to save our state’s valuable Gulf of Mexico coast in the future.

Improvements coming in river bank projects
June 12 at 4:29 pm
East and west banks of the Mississippi River will be getting a tremendous amount of improvements in St. Charles Parish in the months ahead, according to the St. Charles Parish goverment.

Louisiana House of Reps is schizophrenic on taxes
June 05 at 5:31 am
This is another in a series of interim reports on the taxing frenzy by legislators to increase our taxes.

Experiencing joy in our lives
June 05 at 5:29 am
How often in life do we feel a true sense of joy, not only a moment of happiness, such as when we’ve been recognized for doing something good or our favorite team has won a big game, but rather a feeling that deeply touches our hearts, such as the birth of our child?

Hurricane season is here. Are you ready?
June 05 at 5:27 am
As you have heard, hurricane season has arrived. And it is up to us to calm it down.

Analysis: Field for governor may not be settled
May 29 at 3:26 pm
Tony Clayton, a special prosecutor for the 18th Judicial District Court, is considering a run for governor as speculation grows about the impact an African-American Democrat would have on the early, all-white field.

Pontchartrain Beach on its way back
May 29 at 3:24 pm
Years ago, when older folks of today were enjoying their youth, there was a thrilling place to go not far away from St. Charles Parish on Lake Pontchartrain.

Louisiana industries need to help restore the coast
May 22 at 8:20 am
John Barry, who was dumped as a member of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East after that organization filed a lawsuit against 97 oil, gas and pipeline companies for destruction of the state coast, wrote an interesting column calling on the industries to change its tune in assisting in coastal restoration.

St. Charles Parish voters may not understand importance of levee tax proposal
May 01 at 10:12 am
We are concerned that the general public may not fully realize the importance of the millage election to provide funds for the completion of the West Bank Hurricane Protection Levee and drainage improvements to the East Bank.

Should we consider a flat tax again?
April 17 at 11:35 am
Income tax time has come and gone again with few expressions being uttered publicly about the unpopularity of the way we collect taxes. Maybe folks have given up on finding a better way to do it.

Ol’ Man Wigle will be remembered
April 10 at 10:20 am
St. Charles Parish has had residents who were memorable in many ways and one of them just passed away at the healthy old age of 103. We’re sure most people will remember the name attached to this very interesting individual.

New super PAC enters governor’s race
April 02 at 1:46 pm
In another move that suggests this year’s race for governor could become the most expensive ever waged in the state’s history, another super PAC has announced its intentions to pour money into the election.

Go and proclaim the good news - Make Easter an opportunity to reflect on good deeds and love
March 26 at 4:26 pm
How many of us have answered a knock at the door on a Saturday morning and looking through the peephole or window, spot two Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to spread their beliefs?
What are our reactions?

Senate president faces toughest challenge of career
March 26 at 4:22 pm
The story about Senate President John Alario’s ability to strike 11th-hour deals, forge unlikely alliances and turn a finger jab into a thumbs up has been written and rewritten repeatedly over the years by practically every publication in Louisiana.


Humane Society Pet of the Week
Humane Society Pet of the Week
This week’s St. Charles Humane Society’s showcase pet is Jake the dog.
Luling writer publishes child’s book set in the area
Luling writer publishes child’s book set in the area
Alberta Helmes Dunn wanted to write something unique so she combined two classical...

Parkway, turnovers deny Destrehan
Parkway, turnovers deny Destrehan
For the first time since 2012, Destrehan lost a game on its home field — and with it, a chance to return to the Superdome.