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Luling pump station upgraded

Special to the Herald-Guide - October 14, 2011

By Renee Simpson

For many years the Coronado Park subdivision, a group of five streets located on Luling’s border with Boutte, has been ground-zero for both street and home flooding. A new round of drainage infrastructure improvements aims to help alleviate those concerns.

The St. Charles Parish Council in June approved a construction contract for $737,000 worth of improvements to the Coronado Park No. 2 pump station, located directly south of the subdivision and discharging into the Primrose Canal.
With the estimated completion date about 30 days away, contractors have already reinforced the drainage canal running to the station with concrete. Crews are also preparing to drive sheet piles to create the pump area for a pair of to-be-installed 18-inch pumps.

The additional capabilities are expected to help drain the subdivision quicker and more efficiently. Also, the canal reinforcement has stopped the erosion of the backyards of residents adjacent to the station.

Public Works officials said the project is just the first step in correcting the longstanding drainage issue in the area.

“When talking about drainage conveyance, you always want to begin by improving the final outfall; in this case the pump station,” engineer Rennan Duffour said. “With that complete, the focus can shift to other issues, such as improving flow through the interior drainage system.”

Additionally, a permanent backup generator will be installed, ensuring the station will function in the event of power outages.

2012 Proposed Budget now available for review
In anticipation of Parish Council budget hearings to take place beginning at 8 a.m. Oct. 25, 6 p.m. Oct. 27 and 6 p.m. Nov. 2, St. Charles Parish has placed the proposed 2012 government operating budget online for review.

According to the parish president’s budget message, sales tax collections equal 45 percent of budgeted revenues, while ad valorem taxes account for 31 percent. The remaining revenue sources for governmental funds include taxes and fees and state and federal monies. The budget includes a total of $94 million plus an estimated fund balance carried over from 2011 of $55 million and expenditures of $118.8 million. Proprietary funds (user fees for water, wastewater and garbage service) includes revenues of $22.3 million, expenses of $22.1 million, non-cash depreciation expenses of $6.5 million and capital outlay of $4.9 million.

Included in the 2012 capital outlay expenditures are $18.5 million for the construction of the West Bank Hurricane Protection Levee.

To view the budget, log on to and click on ‘Annual Budgets.’

Public Works reports on projects
On Oct. 3, Public Works Director Sam Scholle gave his annual report to the Parish Council on accomplishments within the department.

The extensive 71-slide report presented photos and data on over $45 million in construction projects completed or in progress since the current term began.

Of those projects, $22 million was spent on pump stations, $6 million on drainage, $5.9 million on roads, $6 million on wastewater and $4.9 million on other projects(including the Public Works Office, equipment yard and levee bike paths). Grant funding accounted for $25 million.

In addition to contract projects, Public Works personnel performed a multitude of in-house maintenance work. Since 2008, approximately 546,800 feet of ditches and culverts have been cleaned and repaired, as well as 85.3 miles of canals.

To view the report and accompanying video, visit and click on ‘Public Works Report’ under the ‘Residents’ tab.