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Congress must make big decisions soon

Our View - July 15, 2011

What takes place in Washington D. C. in the next few days can determine how our country goes in the years ahead.
Whether or not to raise the debt limit is the big question. How to pay for our deficit in the future could provide the answer.

President Barack Obama wants to raise taxes on the rich to reduce the deficit which seems logical if its only a matter of getting money where it is available now. But more taxes on the rich who pretty much run the business and industries that provide employment could reduce the employment they provide. And that would not help the country at all.

Taxes on the rich are already charged at a higher rate than that on the poor.

The alternative is to keep taxes where they are or reduce them if possible for rich and poor and pay off the deficit by cutting the government. And it is obvious in everyday news releases about over expenditures in Washington that such an alternative is very possible and would be for the betterment of the country.

In the first place, smaller federal government would allow states to provide many of the governmental services at a lower, more efficient level that now are caught in the extravagant manner in which the federal government operates. So as the battle wages in D. C. this week and next, let us all hope they can adopt the democratic principles under which they were elected.

And that is they adopt a method of running this country that is more economical and more productive for its people.