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Love is in the air?

Staff Report - September 20, 2006

Pesky love bugs were so thick in St. Charles Parish before cooler weather rolled in that drivers were seen busily cleaning their windshields at gas stations.

County agent Renee’ Schmidt said in a recent report that heavy rains the last couple of months have spawned a very healthy fall population. Lovebugs are swarming the roads and fields in such large numbers that they are causing problems for drivers. Lovebugs smashing on the windshield can cause very real visibility problems. And when they cover the grill they can block the air intake, causing the engine to overheat. Love bugs also damage the paint finish of cars and trucks.

“It is important to keep your water reservoir full with a good cleaner and wash your windows often to maintain good visibility while driving,” said Schmidt. “After driving through heavy populations, flush off the radiator to remove as many of the love bugs as possible to reduce the potential for overheating,” he cautioned.

The best way to remove the dried bodies from the paint, Schmidt reported, is to wet them and then coat them with liquid soap, let it sit a few minutes and then rub off using a wet soft cloth. “One can also use a wet fabric softener cloth and after wetting the mashed bodies gently rub the surface to remove the dead insects. This will help to reduce any damage to the paint on the vehicle,” he added.

Unfortunately there is nothing that individuals can do to control love bugs but the good news is that they will soon disappear as the temperature becomes cool.

Luling’s Peter Church fights off swarming love bugs last weekend
Photo by Ann Taylor
Luling’s Peter Church fights off swarming love bugs last weekend