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Tulane fans want football stadium

Allen Lottinger - March 25, 2011

Many Tulane fans are aching for a football stadium on campus and they are putting pressure on the university president and athletic director to make it a reality. Problem is it takes money.

The team has played in the Superdome since its old 80,000 capacity stadium on campus was torn down after the dome was built.

President Scott Cowen and Athletic Director Rick Dickson have said they are going to try and make the stadium happen. But itís a matter of finding enough people (with money) to accomplish that.

The plan would be to construct a stadium with perhaps 35,000 seats and decorate it with Green Wave paraphernalia that will inspire the fans. It will give them a place at which they can feel at home and attract many students who never bother to attend their schoolís games in the Superdome.

This writer has been a Tulane fan for life and remembers the day when we beat LSU and other powerhouses on the campus.

After that, football was† put on the back burner at the school and the spirit somewhat fell apart.

But there are still loyal fans out there and they wonít let Cowen and Dickson rest until they see some dirt dug.

Actually those Tulane fans who are still loyal are among the most loyal football fans in the nation. And it took a lot of loyalty to stick with their team considering the Green Waveís dismal record during most of the intervening years.

Now baseballís another thing, with Tulane ranked 20th in the nation. Those games are played on campus in a brand new stadium.

And its time for Wave football to roll again. Just a winning season now and then would create the fan base needed to make building that stadium economically feasible.