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Come on LSU, itís not rocket science

C.B. Forgotston - December 3, 2010

Earlier this year, LSU-Baton Rouge began an initiative to look into methods to make its operations more effective and efficient.

Today, LSU announced the closure of universityís in-house printing services January 3, 2011.†

Apparently, LSU has just discovered that technology has reduced the demand for traditional printing.† Also discovered was that the LSU printing services has been operating at ďan annual loss for several years.Ē

In yet another revelation, LSU has discovered that printing services are available from the private sector in Baton Rouge.

What took so long?
LSU and other institutions of higher education of Louisiana have had their budgets reduced for the last couple of years.†† Before that the higher education community complained about their lack of funding.† Yet, the LSU printing operation continued to operate at a loss.

This is but one minuscule savings in one very large state institution, but it begs the question of whether LSU would have made these discoveries if it hadnít experienced a reduction in its revenues from the taxpayers.

The same question needs to be posed to every unit of state government, especially those which demand higher taxes on US to support them.

Folks, such an effort by LSU to make it more efficient and reduce costs isnít rocket science.†† Itís something we mullets do every day.†† The only problem is that government doesnít seem to think it should have to do it.