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Closing Willowdale would be tragic loss

Our View - October 22, 2010

The planned closing of Willowdale Country Club in Luling on November 1comes as a shock and great disappointment to many residents of St. Charles Parish. It is a happening they feared but did not definitely foresee.

But such is the case with many country clubs these days, especially facing the hard times our poor economy is giving us. It seems to be the lay of the land with that type institution which depends upon club loyalty and support by those who can reap any type of benefit.

Such recreational facilities in residential neighborhoods certainly provide a benefit to families, especially those with children who can make use of a swimming pool, tennis courts and gyms nearby their homes. And, of course, golf is a sport that a person can play from teenage years to later life. Those attractions also provide a social atmosphere that adds a pleasant atmosphere to areas.

On the good side, there is some interest from possible investors purchasing Willowdale and continuing its use as a golf operation. There have also been some reports that an existing health club was interested in making use of its swimming pool, tennis courts and gymnastic facilities.

A meeting of stockholders will be held November 10 to decide the club’s future and possibly consider offers to buy. It will be a very important meeting for residents of Willowdale and surrounding subdivisions about the future of the lifestyles they have enjoyed where they have lived in the past.

Hopefully, buyers will be available to keep Willowdale Country Club in operation and add more social activities that would attract members which have disappeared in recent years. And hopefully the club will continue to be one of the outstanding outdoor recreational facilities for St. Charles residents in the future.