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Vehicle theft sweeps through Willowdale subdivision

M. Susanne Hinkle - August 2, 2006

Several vehicles in the Willowdale subdivision, Luling, were reported burglarized to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office on July 25.

Most, if not all of the vehicles hit by thieves were left unlocked and contained valuable items such as cell phone, guns, purses, cash, CD's and other electronic equipment, according to the Sheriff's Office.

As in other incidents of this type of offense, the thieves struck in the early morning hours and went very quietly from automobile to automobile looking for those that were left unlocked and containing valuables.

According the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office, these perpetrators are expected to strike vehicles again in Willowdale and other areas within the parish. Deputies are doing everything they can while detectives are following up on leads involving these cases.

"I wish to urge the residents of St. Charles Parish in the strongest possible terms that just a few simple steps can drastically reduce the crime of automobile burglary. All citizens can help prevent this crime by locking their vehicles and taking all valuables out before going to bed. Parking your vehicle in a well-lit area will also help," said Sheriff Champagne. He goes on to say, "Anyone who hears or sees anything suspicious, especially in the early hours of the morning, should immediately call 911."

Vehicle theft sweeps through Willowdale subdivision