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Carter errs in blaming opposition on racism

Allen Lottinger - September 30, 2009

Former Pres. Jimmie Carter went a bit too far last week in asserting that opposition to President Barack Obamaís program is mainly racist. That is not the case for most of the people who have offered outspoken opposition to his health care plan and other programs.

Of course there are some people who still bear hatred for people of a different color. But we have come a long way from those prejudiced feelings of the past.

Incidentally, whatever happened to David Duke who invoked prejudice into all of his political campaigns? Heís long gone and would have a tough time getting a campaign going these days.

Most voters today are more interested in what their public officials can do for our state and nation than in what racial or ethnic group they belong to. It seems that most racial tones in a campaign come from politicians who are trying to claim racism by their opposition to stir up racism in favor of themselves.

Louisianians have a President who is black, a governor who is Indian, and congressmen who are Vietnamese and Lebanese. We have heard very little opposition to them because of their race or ethnic backgrounds.

Even the President disagreed with Carterís assessment of the situation. He knows that the majority of the people in the country wanted him as President even though he is not the color of the vast majority.