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Three booked for cruelty to animals

Michael Luke - June 22, 2006

In two separate cases, three individuals from the parish were charged with cruelty to animals. In both cases, dogs were the victims.

One case was negligence, while the other incident involved leaving a dog in a hot car on a scorching June afternoon.

In the first instance, on June 6, a dog was turned in to authorities at the St. Charles Animal Hospital. A woman turned the dog in claiming that it was a stray. At the time it was suffering from Demadex-mange, a disease that causes its hair to fall out.
After some questioning, the woman, David Prieskop's mother, then admitted that it was her son’s dog, and, “that he was not taking proper care of it,” said Sgt. Dwayne LeGrange of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office.

Later that day, David Prieskop came to the shelter and asked for the dog.

Prieskop, 19, 321 Woodland Dr., Boutte, received the dog, but not before authorities informed him that the dog needed to see a veterinarian immediately. "The owner agreed to schedule an appointment the following day. Police followed up on this and realized that the subject had not done so," said LeGrange.

While authorities were following up on the case, the sheriff's office received a complaint from a resident that the same dog was tied up with a tight rope around its neck in extreme pain and missing large amounts of hair.

"Based on that information, a warrant was drawn up, the dog was confiscated," said Sgt. LeGrange, "and the dog had to be euthanized." The dog's condition had declined rapidly over those several days.

Prieskop was charged with simple cruelty to animals.

On June 18, another dog was left in a hot car while a pair of individuals shopped at Wal-Mart.

"A deputy was flagged down in Wal-Mart's parking lot by a person, informing them that they witnessed a dog locked in car," said LeGrange. While the dog was locked in the car, announcements were made over the intercom system of the store and officers checked the plates.

After what authorities describe as nearly 30 minutes, Lacey Breaux, 18, and Toney Thibodeaux, 25, emerged from the store and attempted to leave.

"When the officer approached the car, he noticed that the dog was panting profusely, as it was around 90 degrees outside," said LeGrange, adding that deputies attempted to get some food and water to the dog but had only a small crack in the window.

When met by police, Breaux and Thibodeaux denied they owned the dog, claiming that they were looking after it for someone else and that they didn't know that it was in the car. Later, the pair admitted they were lying and were arrested.

Breaux, of 300 River Ridge Dr., Boutte, and Thibodeaux, of 215 Carlon Dr., Des Allemands, were charged with simple cruelty to animals and criminal mischief.

The dog did survive but it was removed from their custody.

"We take these types of crimes very seriously, and we will actively pursue these crimes. People have to understand if you have animal, you are required to take care of it," said Sgt. LeGrange.

David Prieskop, 19, Boutte; Toney Thibodeaux, 25, Des Allemands; and Lacey Breaux, 18, Boutte
David Prieskop, 19, Boutte; Toney Thibodeaux, 25, Des Allemands; and Lacey Breaux, 18, Boutte