St. Charles Herald-Guide

Dow to move boilers

Staff Report - May 17, 2006

Two huge package steam boilers, weighing more than 160 tons each, are scheduled to be moved from Hahnville to the Dow St. Charles Operations site on Wednesday, May 24. Some of the roads in the area will be temporarily closed by St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Deputies while two 80-foot long transporters move the boilers.

The move will begin at 8:30 a.m. and the boilers should arrive at the St. Charles Operations site around 3 p.m. The route for the move will include leaving Bayou Fleet onto Hwy 18 east to Hwy 3160 then south to Hwy 3127 then west to Hwy 3142 then North to Hwy 18, then back East to Gate 7A into the St. Charles Operations plant.

The two boilers will provide reliable backup steam supply for the gas turbines at the St. Charles Operations site. They will also supply additional steam availability to support site growth. The new, more efficient high tech boilers will replace older steam boilers that were taken out of service in previous years.