St. Charles Herald-Guide

Many pork items in House Bill 1

Special to the Herald-Guide - April 30, 2008

Following is a list of pork items included in House Bill 1 (State Operating Budget) of 2008.

In case you didnít know where a lot of your tax money could go, here it is. The legislator who requested it is listed with the funding:

Algiers Athletic Club $350,000 - Rep. Jim Tucker;Algiers Economic Development Foundation $100,000 - Rep. Jim Tucker;† Arna Bontemps African American Museum $200,000 - Rep. Herbert Dixon; Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana $1,000,000 – Rep. Patrick Williams; Booker T. Community Outreach Project $25,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Louisiana, Inc $50,000 - Rep. Herbert Dixon; Calcasieu Association for Social Enrichment, Inc. $100,000 – Rep. A.B. Franklin; Carrollton United $16,317 – Rep. Walker Hines; Carville Job Corps Academy $284,000 – Rep. Elton Aubert;Catfish Festival, Inc $25,000 – Rep. Noble Ellington; Catholic Charities Hope Haven Center $1,200,000 – Rep. Pat Connick; Cenla Chemical Dependency Council $172,348 – Rep. Billy Chandler; City of Bastrop (Note: Not sure why this is listed because it is a political subdivision of the state.) $75,000 – Rep. Samuel Little; Community Services of Richland, Inc. $212,188 – Sen. Francis Thompson; Concord Youth & Adult Community Association $121,550 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Delta PREP $17,800 – Rep. Samuel Little; Doorway to Louisiana, Inc. $25,000 – Rep. Andy Anders; Dove Christian Community Services, Incorporated $60,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; East Carroll Council on Aging $25,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Education Foundation of Eisilon Psi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. - $100,000 - Rep. Herbert Dixon; First St. Mark Baptist Church, Inc. $97,200 - Rep. Herbert Dixon; Franklin (Parish) Economic Development Foundation $50,000 Rep. Noble Ellington; Franklin Parish Historical Society Museum $25,000 - Rep. Noble Ellington; Franklin Parish Tourism Commission $25,000 - Rep. Noble Ellington; Fresh Start Outreach Ministries,Inc. $785,000 - Rep. Noble Ellington; G.T. Services, Incorporated $40,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Gentilly Senior Center, Inc. $200,000 – Rep. J.P. Morrell; Global Green USA $675,000 – Rep. Walker Hines; Good Will Institute for Health Services, Inc.$100,000- Sen. Cheryl Gray; HAMPCO, Inc. ( Helping Assist Multi Purpose Community Organizations) $350,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Historic Grand Cane Association $18,000 - Rep. Richard Burford; I & I Educational Service, Inc. $50,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Independence Bowl Foundation $359,160 - – Rep. Patrick Williams; Industrial Development Board of the Parish of Caldwell, Inc. $50,000 - Rep. Noble Ellington; International Rice Festival Association $152,344- Rep. Jack Montoucet; Israelite Community Development Corporation $100,000 - Rep. Jack Montoucet; Just The Right Attitude Inc. $100,000 - Rep. Cedric Richmond; Kent Plantation House, Inc. $100,000 - Rep. Lowell Hazel; Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network $1,000,000 – Rep. Jim Fannin; Louisiana Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals $1,500,000 - Rep. Jeff Arnold; Martin Luther King, Jr. Neighborhood Assn $135,000 - Rep. Patrick Williams; Merryville Historical Society & Museum, Inc. $50,230- Rep. Hill, Dorothy Sue; Mt. Zion Community Development Corporation - Health and Wellness Ministry $180,509 - Rep. Herbert Dixon; New Orleans Council on Aging $325,000 – Rep. J.P. Morrell;† LA YURP Initiative $34,550 – Rep. Walker Hines; Northeast Louisiana Delta African American Heritage Museum $50,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Novice House, Inc. $103,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Odyssey Foundation for the Arts, LLC $300,000 – Rep. Patrick Williams; Bethel Baptist Church of Clarks, Inc. $50,000 - Rep. Noble Ellington; Opportunities Industrialization Center of Ouachita, Inc. $500,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones People's Community Subsidiary, Inc. $950,000 – Rep. Girod Jackson ; Peoples Community Subsidiary, Inc. $650,000 – Rep. Pat Connick ; Pineville Concerned Citizens, Inc. $35,000 - Rep. Herbert Dixon; Ragley Historical Society $150,000 – Rep. Brett Geymann; Rapides Children's Advocacy Center, Inc. $100,000 - Rep. Lowell Hazel; Rapides Primary Health Care Center, Inc $384,600 - Rep. Herbert Dixon;; Rapides Station Community Ministries, Inc. $260,000 - Rep. Herbert Dixon; River Road African American Museum $100,000 – Rep. Elton Aubert; Saint Gabriell Chamber of Commerce $512,400 – Sen. Rob Marionneaux Saint Gabriel, Louisiana Chamber of Commerce $512,400 – Sen. Rob Marionneaux; Schepis Foundation, Inc. $75,000 - Rep. Noble Ellington; Sci-Port Discovery Center $400,000- Rep. Patrick Williams;; Senior Citizens Outreach Entity Inc. $150,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Seventh District Pavilion, Inc. $100,000 - Rep. Jack Montoucet; Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church $45,392 - Rep. Herbert Dixon; Shreveport Regional Sports Authority $400,000 - Rep. James Morris; Sickle Cell Anemia Research Foundation $50,000 - Rep. Herbert Dixon; Snyder Museum and Creative Arts Center $20,000 – Rep. Samuel Little; Socialization Services, Inc. $570,000 - Rep. Barbara Norton; South Central Industrial Association $576,640 – Rep. Joe Harrison; St. James United People Church $50,000 - Rep. Herbert Dixon; St. Joseph Arts, Inc. $90,000 – Rep. Andy Anders; St. Martin de Porres Residential Center dba CINC, Inc. $52,013 – Rep. Brett Geymann; State Fair of Louisiana $50,000 – Rep. Patrick Williams; The Friends of the Algiers Courthouse $150,000 - Rep. Jeff Arnold; The George & Leah McKenna Museum of African American Art $400,000 – Rep. Cedric Richmond; The Louisiana Center Against Poverty, Inc. $500,000 – Sen. Francis Thompson; The New Way Center, Inc. $132,128 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; The Shreveport Multicultural Center, Inc. $30,000 – Rep. Patrick Williams; Top Gun Boy Scouts of Ouachita $30,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Unitd Christian Fellowship Church $65,000 – Rep. A.B. Franklin; Urban Support Agency, Inc. $154,010 - Rep. Barbara Norton; Ward III Community Center Management Board $90,000 - Rep. Noble Ellington; Westbank Redevelopment Corporation $250,000 - Rep. Jeff Arnold; West Carroll Chamber of Commerce Inc. $70,000– Rep. Samuel Little; Winnsboro Gun Club, Inc. $25,000 - Rep. Noble Ellington; Winnsboro Main Street, Inc. $50,000 - Rep. Noble Ellington; Wood Products Development Foundation Inc. $125,000 – Rep. Billy Chandler; Youth Academy for Leadership and Education, Inc. $50,000 - Rep. Rosalind Jones; Youth Education Solutions, Inc. $150,000 – Rep. Roy Burrell; Source: Louisiana Legislative Website.