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Heather R. Breaux BLOG: Honoring 90 years

Heather R. Breaux - January 16, 2008

Just when you thought you were free and clear from the temptations of the saturated fats and high-calorie foods of the holidays - just when you believed that it was okay to give into your New Yearís resolution and start that diet plan, you find yourself face to face with a box of Girl Scout Cookies.

The official kick-off for this yearís cookie sale doesnít begin until Jan. 20, but as I write this week's column my finger tips are already halfway emersed in a cold glass of milk - thatís right, Iím dunking a Thin Mint.

How I got my before-you-can-buy-it box of Girl Scout Cookies, Iíll never tell.

But what I can tell you is that these sweet treats are not only delicious, theyíre also zero grams trans fat per serving - which basically means that theyíre free from unhealthy fats, and actually not that bad for you.

Right about now, Iím probably reading like a late-night infomercial. So, before I continue let me just say that although I normally donít promote specific products, there are a lot of important values and life skills I feel the Girl Scout organization instills in young girls across our community and the country.

The Girl Scout Cookie program teaches its members responsibility, money management, marketing, economics, business and communication skills - all six of which I list as vital ingredients in the development of a successful woman.

Statistics and research show that 71 percent of women in the U.S. Senate and 67 percent of the women in the House of Representatives today are Girl Scout alumnae.

And get this, even democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton bared a few badges in her day.

Thatís right. The first woman to ever campaign for the nationĒs top spot learned how to climb the ladder of success early on as a member of the Girl Scout Council.

I think that itís safe to say that an organization celebrating 90 years of excellence knows a little something about throwing a bake sale.

So, if you asked me, Iíd say, sure, go ahead and support our local Girl Scout troops and purchase they're cookies.

All proceeds go to our scouts to fund their troop activities and many girls also encourage customers to buy cookies for a donation to a non-profit organization selected by the troop.

Give a little, get a little and help the community. Support a Girl Scout.

Youíre not only treating yourself to something sweet, youíre supporting a good cause.

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Girl Scout Council Disclaimer - The Girl Scout program is about the girls, not about the cookies. Whenever you buy a box of cookies, you are contributing to the development of girls across your own community. And, when enjoying this guilty pleasure that is one of Americaís favorite indulgences, remember, Girl Scout cookies - like any other treat - are best consumed in moderation.