St. Charles Herald-Guide

Look forward to a big year ahead

Our View - December 26, 2007

Get ready for the most enlightening year in U. S. history.

Not only will we be in communicado with anyone we please via internet, cell phone, land phone and snail mail, weíll have access to hundreds of periodicals, television channels and radio stations that will tell us everything we want - - and donít want - - to know.

And if thatís not enough - - it will be a Presidential election year with candidates and their supporters all over the place. What an exciting time it will be.

But on the serious side, it will be an important year in which people will make their choices that could direct the way we go for the next decade. Some will win, some will lose but everyone will have to live with the majorityís decision.
Hopefully, Louisiana will get the resources we need to save our coast. And we will get the farmers to control the flow of their fertilizer to quit killing our fisheries.

Here in St. Charles, we will experience a brand new parish administration and council, the first time this has happened. We already enjoy many qualities of life but, as always, there are problems to address.

And to add interest to the already complex scene, we have a new governor and legislature taking over the stateís business.

It promises to be an interesting year. Prepare yourself and make it a happy one.