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Heather R. Breaux - December 12, 2007

For most people, taking a stroll around a local thrift shop isnít something that normally falls on their day-to-day to-do list and itís simply because you just donít think about it.

When thereís shopping to be done, a shopping center or a city mall usually gets the job done, but youíll be surprised at the unique and timeless treasures that can be found at the St. Charles Social Concerns Thrift Shop - I was!

On a recent trip to the store, my sister and I filled our shopping cart with mostly Christmas decorations, but we did spot a lot of eye-catching items like automobile accessories and retro fashions.

Hereís my top ten list of the most interesting thrift shop finds:

10. Magazines. As a teenager, making poster-size collages with magazine clippings to hang on my bedroom wall was a hobby. Who knows what you can make!

9. Playing card shuffler. I donít know about you, but I hate shuffling a deck of cards.

8. Wreaths. The holiday season is upon us and a decorative wreath can spruce up your front door.

7. Wigs. Want a new look? With a wide assortment of hair pieces, you can have it!

6. Golf clubs. Spending the day on the ďgreenĒ is better with the perfect club.

5. Dolls. Iíve never been a big collector of dolls, but if I was Iíd hit the jackpot!

4. Hubcaps. Been in a fender bender lately? Thereís a complete set of matching hubcaps waiting for you.

3. Bamboo vegetable steamer. Nutiritionists claim that steaming your veggies is the healthiest way to eat them.

2. Wedding dresses. Tuxedos, bridal party dresses and dress shoes all can be found here.

1. Thigh-high boots. Iím sure someone could use a pair of these imitation leather babies.

OH, LA, LA. My most interesting find was this pair of imitation leather boots.
Photo by Heather R. Breaux
OH, LA, LA. My most interesting find was this pair of imitation leather boots.