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Heather R. Breaux - September 6, 2007

If youíre anything like me then watching your weight is a constant struggle, and since Iíve packed on 15 pounds since my eye surgery Iím back on the scale carefully calculating everything that I eat - especially since I go back under the knife this month for a second surgery.

As most of you - my readers - know, this isnít the first time Iíve had to battle the bulge and it probably wonít be my last.

Dealing with any serious medical condition is hard and itís easy to become depressed, especially when you arenít allowed to any physical activities per your doctorís orders.

Many of the nights leading up to and following the surgery were filled with worry, anxiety and a ton of ďcomfort foods.Ē

Carbohydrate-loaded meals such as creamy chicken alfredo with penne pasta and sugary desserts like a super-delicious chocolate cheesecake were the foundation of my personal menu and at the time made me feel better, but in the long run these indulgences have come back to bite me in the tush, literally.

And as embarassing as it is, I knew that enough was enough when I bent over to grab a pair of flip flops and split the backside seam of my jeans - no more pigging out for me.

About three and a half years ago, I lost a little over 60 pounds and this is the first time since then that I have gained any of the weight back and one thing is certain - I cannot and will not let it continue.

There were too many calories counted and tears of sweat cried to turn back now, so I have begun my own crusade, once again,† against the battle of the bulge.

And so far, so good. Iíve lost a whopping four pounds and Iím feeling great.

Like all traditional diet rules, youíve got to eat less and move around more to get youíre metabolism pumping in order to see the pounds melt away - and thatís exactly what I am doing.

I embark on each day with a plan for three low-fat and low-calorie meals and push myself to exercise at least three to four times a week.

I tread on the treadmill, crunch with the crunches and sometimes I even sweat to the oldies.

And although I know that I will have physical restrictions -like no exercise - after coming home from the hospital, Iím not letting it stop me from eating healthy and jumpstarting my weight loss.

So to all my fellow dieters, stay strong and motivated and cheers - this yogurtís for you!