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Local industries compete for adult recreation league title

Caleb Frey - July 5, 2007

Rycars Construction knocked out Whitener Snacks to repeat as the St. Charles Adult Industrial basketball League champions on June 28.

For Rycars the repeat championship comes in their second year in the league making them a perfect two for two when it comes to the league title.

Rycars employee Vyron Keller said the league is mostly about having fun, but the competitor in him takes it seriously because he doesnt like to lose.

Its fun to come out and play, but theres no doubt were going out there to win, Keller said.

The league held their semifinal and final rounds on June 26 and 27. Whitener snacks played the underdog to an experienced Dupont team. Before the game Brett Simon of Whitener said he wasnt worried about his team being the underdogs, he was just glad to still be playing so far into the tournament.

I know we werent the bottom seed, but we were definitely close to it, Simon said laughingly.

Simons teammate Randy Riggins was confident his team was still in the tournament because they earned their way there, not blind luck.

This is our first year in it but were gonna take it over, Riggins said. No doubt.

Bemus Scott of the Dupont team said hes been playing basketball leagues for 20 years and although hes a native of St. Charles, he currently lives in Harvey but still takes the time to participate in the league. Its a good chance to bring back old rivalries and start new ones he said.

A lot of us out here played each other in high school, Scott said. A lot of us work together too, or know each other through work, but its always good to see a few new faces too.

Even though Whitener Snacks lost the title game, Riggins said they definitely plan on playing again, because after all its just a game, no matter how serious you take it on the court.

Its been a good experience win or lose, Riggins said. Well be back.