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Legislature getting its druthers both ways

Allen Lottinger - June 21, 2007

It looks like both sides are getting their ways in Baton Rouge as the legislative session draws to a close.

Those who want to spend big time with our inflated revenues seem to be getting their way. And those who want to cut taxes are getting some of their wishes, too.

The worst feature of the outcome is the amount of pork that will probably be dispersed around the state. C. B. Forgotston, who e-mails us his views on state politics regularly, sent us a five page, single-spaced list of projects where that pork will be delivered. It was rather depressing to read.

Pork could be described as government activity that is mainly delivered to derive political support from small groups or areas of the state. It is not a product of good government which should concentrate on providing that which will benefit our state as a whole.

So it appears now that the next governor will have less to spend since the legislature is already deciding how he will spend it.

One thing missing here

St. Charles Parish has many virtues. It has one of the finest school systems in the state. Its libraries are excellent.

Garbage collection is friendly and complete. Our recreational program for youth is extensive.
Good restaurants abound on both sides of the river. We can jog along the levees and scoop up delicious crawfish from roadside ditches.

We are a rural parish with plenty of wetlands and forests that are great for fishing and hunting. These and other bright spots in our infrastructure make this a good place to live.

But something is missing. Where does one go for a night out except for the eateries? Though there are occasional live theatrical productions and concerts, there is not a regular ongoing source of entertainment for young and old alike.
There are no movie theatres here. No bowling alleys for hanging out.

Travellers can stop and eat or get gas but then they must go on because there is nothing else for them to do.

Maybe a businessman could come up with a source of entertainment that would pay off by keeping local residents here at night instead of travelling to the big city on our east. And it would encourage travellers to stop and stay awhile.

This is a great parish as it is. But a gathering place of the sorts mentioned would complete the picture of a livable community.

Meanwhile, we’ll go next door for our entertainment.

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