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Heather R. Breaux - April 4, 2007

The running joke in the news room is that I am one of the most organized people to have occupied an editor’s desk.

And I really can’t argue the fact because, in truth, I have designated A PARTICULAR SPOT for everything from pencils and felt-tip pens to sticky notes and five different sizes of paper clips.

And I actually NOTICE IT whenever someone else has been shuffling around in my space.

My stapler, tape dispenser and tissues each have their own reserved spot and all paperwork and pictures are organized by categories.

Call me obsessive compulsive, call me a “clean freak,” call me what you will - but at least now I have all this under control.

Way back when, my coordinating skills weren’t just a good way of doing business - they really got the best of me.

As a teenager, my closet ALONE could have earned me status as a Poster Girl for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

All my clothes hangers had to be the same color and plastic - no wire.

My shirts were then hung in order from the longest sleeve to the shortest and my shoes were nicely placed in a “shoe caddy.”

Everything else in my bedroom from CDs to my sock drawer had to be in what I thought was the perfect place.

When my best friend came by to visit, she would move things around when I wasn’t looking.

Over the years, I have overcome most of my obsessive organization, and my apartment isn’t nearly as tidy as I like.

But when it comes to the office, my job is a lot easier when I know where everything is.

So, if you drop in for a visit, and if you REALLY feel like you have to touch something or move it around, just ask and I'll point to my colleague Caleb Frey's desk.

Don’t tell him I said this, but he'll never know the difference!