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Nattie Swan - March 14, 2007

Nattie Swan is St. Charles Parishís best new advice columnist for kids and their parents. Let her help you. Send questions to

I need help getting organized at school

Dear Nattie: I have a huge problem getting organized for school. I have a folder for every one of my seven classes that I am supposed to use to store worksheets and assignments.

Itís so hard for me to keep track of stuff even with the folders and my grades are slipping.

Iím scared to see what my progress reports are going to come out like!

If I donít bring up my grades soon, my mom and dad have threatened to send me to a private school!

I don't want to leave my friends, cheerleading or even my teachers. Please help me. - Desperate in Ama

Dear Desperate: First you should tell your parents that the reason you are having so much trouble in school is that you feel unorganized. Maybe they can help you. Some other things you can do are color code folders to subjects, make folders for each quarter/semester, or get a binder.

My dad wonít let me drive until Iím 18

Dear Nattie: I just turned 15, and I want to get my learner's permit, but my dad won't let me get it.

I tried to be understanding and thought there must be some totally important reason why he said no.

But when I asked him why, he said that he just doesn't want to have to add me to his insurance because I'll make the rate go up and that I need to wait until I'm 18! I always knew he was tight with his money, but this is overboard!

How can I convince him to at least let me learn how to drive? I don't want people driving me around till I'm 18! - Ready to go in Montz

Dear Ready to go: I understand your dad's dilemma. It may not be that he is being tight with money. He may just not be able to afford it. A suggestion is to negotiate with him. Offer to get a job and help pay insurance.

Then he would have to let you drive if he wants you to get a job.