St. Charles Herald-Guide

Thank goodness it's Monday

Heather R. Breaux - March 14, 2007

For most of you, the catch phrase, "Thank Goodness Itís Friday" means that rest and relaxation are just ahead - but for me, not so much.

Punching out at 5 oíclock on Friday is not the beginning of a mini two-day vacation - itís more like a giant to-do-list lurking right around the corner.

The weekends are a time to catch up on chores that I slacked off on during the week.

I finally get the chance to spend all day washing the clothes that overflow the laundry basket and then walking in circles at the grocery store with a shopping cart.

Then there's the sweeping and mopping and vacuuming - the list never ends.

And there are always those "must-dos" like washing the car or cleaning out the closets that "I have to do this weekend" but get postponed another week.

Soon, the closet is packed to the ceiling with sweaters I'll never wear and the car, well, people are starting to wonder if I take my four-door sedan mud riding.

To me, the weekend can be compared to soap scum on a bathtub - it's five days of build-up that I will tirelessly and unwillingly have to scrub off.

Lately, I've thought of creating my own catchy saying, "Thank goodness it's MONDAY."

Yep, that's right Monday is the day for me.

While the rest of you are hitting the alarmís snooze button on, I greet Monday mornings with a goal of getting it right.

It may sound like a false sense of hope, but I'd like to think of Monday as another opportunity, another beginning.

Well, at least that's how I better look at the beginning of the week - because we all know how I dread the weekends!