St. Charles Herald-Guide

Carnival was the BEST EVER

Allen Lottinger - February 21, 2007

Carnival was as successful as ever in southeast Louisiana in 2007. And that is remarkable considering the recent history of disabling storms in the area.

St. Charles Parish krewes gave carnival goers more floats than ever and they were created with a great deal of imagination. We cant imagine it being better though well leave that to the future to be determined.

New Orleans had a great influx of visitors and they all seemed to be enjoying the madness and off the wall hilarity that accompanies the pre-lenten celebration. Strolling through the French Quarter was more enjoyable than ever. The people there seemed to be in their right minds and yet they were in utter ecstacy.

The fact that so many Crescent City krewes are back in operation is amazing. The fact that they put on such an elaborate show boggles the mind. How did they do it?

Were sure most of the carnival krewe members came back to the city earlier than the majority of residents since they were in the mainstay of business and industry in the city. And were sure they set their minds on reviving the celebration that caps every year as one of the worlds great attractions.

Bringing back carnival has helped to stabilize the Gulf coast of Louisiana. It is remarkable and it is necessary to return our area to the great place it was.

And it portends to make southeast Louisiana one of the most fabulous areas on earth - one that can work hard and enjoy the fruits of its effort.

Its time to get serious

Now that we have celebrated in our usual pandemonious style, we can go into the more serious mode of observing Lent. Its a time to think about the good and bad things and what we want to do in the future. Doing some penance wont hurt. It helps everyone.

At least once every year, one should reflect on what he needs to do here on earth - - to make it better and improve our own adaption to it. Its not too much to ask, is it?

Now that carnival has past and we realize what lovable creatures we are, let us reflect on how we can help ourselves and others become better. It is possible, you know.

We hope you have a very rewarding Lent.