St. Charles Herald-Guide


Colette Lottinger - January 31, 2007

Congratulations to King Milton and Queen Kathleen Cambre as royalty presiding over the Young at Heart Carnival Ball hosted by the St. Charles Council on Aging and Recreation Department on Jan. 21 at the Jerusalem Shriners Center in Destrehan. The ball is one of the highlights of the carnival season in our parish.

Barbara Colley has gone romantic! I just finished reading her newest novel, Rachel’ s War, a romance novel spanning some 45 years. Of course her novels are set in familiar local for Louisianians which is a bonus ... and this one is a new venture away from her usual murder solver ... Charlotte LaRue, to a tale well told of living and dying during the war years.

It is an interesting read that is sure to be enjoyable and to boot it’s told with class.

Ethelyn Banquer Friloux, who is originally from Norco and now lives in Baton Rouge is doing well recovering from an operation. Sister-in-law Alice St. Ament kept me posted on her good news. Never one to be gotten down, “Bank” as we call her was telling me about her way to freeze shrimp when I visited her.

She freezes jumbo shrimp and leaves the heads on. They are put into a plastic container that the spines can’t bore through, and then they are covered with ice water, covered and are placed in the freezer. They can stay this way a year if you want and come out real fresh. When barbecuing them, “Bank” says she peels and deveins the meaty part of the shrimp and leaves the heads and tails intact ... then she cooks them in the barbecue sauce and says it doesn’t make such a mess this way.

If you’d rather not cook on Super Bowl Sunday, you can pick up a baked chicken dinner at Holy Family Parish Center on Lakewood Drive in Luling on Feb. 4 at 10 a.m. until sold out. KC Council 9933 will be doing the cooking.

An idea for easy trash pick-up in the French Quarter is to have heavy duty black trash bags adorned with a huge Fleur de lis for beautification.