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Pro shows how to make wreaths for all occassions

Kyle Barnett - October 4, 2013

Fall is the time of year when homeowners around the country traditionally begin to hang festive wreaths on their doors.

Luling resident Carla Frickey, 39, began making her own wreaths a few years ago for this special time of year, including ones that took the ancient tradition of presenting wreaths during harvest time and combined it with the tradition of new football seasons.

"I was searching the web and there was one particular lady I saw and I liked her wreaths and decided to try it on my own," she said.

Frickey, who works professionally in orthopedic sales, had done other crafts before. Though she enjoyed creating hair bows for girls, she had never taken on anything particularly artistic like creating wreaths.

"I can’t draw worth a lick and I can’t color inside the lines," she said.

But she got down to business making her first wreath and came up with a design that combined both the colors and iconography of the Saints and LSU football programs on one wreath.

After showing a photo of her creation off on Facebook, her friends began to contract her to make wreaths for them as well.

Thus Hokie Pokie Crafts was born and Frickey began producing and selling wreaths for all types of occasions. She spends up to 10 hours on the weekends creating the wreaths in her dining room, which doubles as a workshop.

"It’s a mess, but it’s my dining room table," she said.

Although wreaths are traditionally presented during the fall, she said she can make wreaths that are appropriate for any time of the year.

"For the football ones it is just about showing pride in your team," she said. "But I can do wreaths for Halloween, fall, Christmas, summer and spring."

Although she offers her services at all times of the year, she said it is the football wreaths that have been her most popular sellers.

"At the beginning of football season everybody wanted a half Saints, half LSU wreath," Frickey said. "Right off the bat I got 15 orders and then I also had a couple of people ask for a half Saints, half Hahnville High School wreath."

Frickey said the decorations are easy to make, but only take time and a little creativity.

For those who are thinking about taking up the craft themselves, she said you just have to have confidence in yourself.

"Definitely anyone can do it if they take the time," she said. "Just be creative and don’t think too hard about it because once you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy."

However, Frickey said many of the people she knows just turn to her to make wreaths for them for a charge of $65 to $100.

"A lot of people who have bought wreaths from me say they are not that creative and would rather buy it from someone who is," she said.

Frickey would eventually like to turn Hokie Pokie Crafts into a fulltime business, but she is not quite there yet.

"Ultimately that would be my goal, but like they say I am not going to quit my day job just yet," she said.

You can contact Frickey by phone at (504) 458-7300 or by email at

Luling resident Carla Frickey started making wreaths through her business, Hokie Pokie Crafts, two years ago.
Luling resident Carla Frickey started making wreaths through her business, Hokie Pokie Crafts, two years ago.