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Hahnville High School exchange student couldn’t be happier with his new host family in Luling

Heather R. Breaux - December 6, 2006

There’s no greater feeling than having a place to call home - even if you are on the other side of the world from the home you were born and raised in.

And 17-year-old Ka-Yue, an exchange student from Hong Kong now at Hahnville High School, is happy that he has found a family to host him for the rest of the school year.

Julia Johns, a teacher at HHS, says that she got to know Ka-Yue as a student in her American history class and when she found out he needed a home she discussed the idea with her daughter.

“My daughter and I have always had a special interest in China and Ka-Yue’s positive attitude and hard work impressed me from the start,” says Johns.

“And we are enjoying every minute of having Ka-yue as a new member of the family.” 
A lot of good came from the article published about Ka-yue’s need for a new host family in the Nov. 23 issue of the Herald-Guide.

The attention brought to Ka-Yue not only helped him find a new host family, but introduced him to the community.

The organization contacted Ka-Yue and asked him to volunteer his picture taking skills as a photograher for parish’s chapter.

And we at the Herald-Guide want to thank all our readers for inquiring and taking an interest in Ka-Yue’s story.

It’s your concern that’s helped Ka-Yue feel more at home in St. Charles Parish.

Area coordinator for the SHARE! high school exchange program, Kim Moore, says there 700 students who are in need of host families.

If you are interested in hosting an exchange student, contact Moore at 504-460-3236.