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6 unlocked cars broken into in Norco

Jonathan Menard - July 12, 2013

Six cars were burglarized in Norco last week and St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne is urging residents to lock their vehicles.

The burglaries occurred in the 500 blocks of Apple and Goodhope streets. Items stolen included purses, wallets, ID cards and golfing equipment. All of the vehicles that were broken into were unlocked.

Champagne said that a resident on 5th Street heard something outside during the time of the burglaries and saw a person near their vehicle flee. However, the witness was unable to describe the person in detail.

"Thieves such as this will sneak from car to car during the middle of the night pulling on car doors attempting to locate unlocked ones," Champagne said. "We have increased patrols in the area, but really need everyone to remove valuables and lock your automobiles."

Car burglaries increase every summer and Champagne said more than 99 percent of them involve unlocked vehicles where valuable items are left in plain site. Last summer, Champagne sent employees to every home in the parish to get the word out about the importance of locking vehicles.

Champagne said that the burglaries increase in the summer because teens are off of school. While he believes 99.9 percent of school-aged kids are good kids, Champagne said there are a small few that have no parental supervision.

"Car break-ins have become a ‘fad’ crime among juvenile delinquents and adult criminals everywhere," he said.

Anyone with information on the car burglaries is asked to call 911.