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Des Allemands brimming with bream

Bruce McDonald - July 12, 2013

Fishermen who know how to use a fly rod with an ultra light spinning reel can catch loads of bluegill bream, goggle-eye and chinquapin in Des Allemands.

I recently had loads of success when I picked up my brother and his two children and headed out to Des Allemands. Currently, clear water can be found from the northern end of Lac Des Allemands through Bayou Gauche and into Temple Bay†of Lake Salvador. We targeted Humble in the Bayou.

I dropped the trolling motor in the first canal off the bayou and began using my 8-foot, six-inch Tomahawk Apache rod rigged with a Okuma Carina C 5/6 manual reel. The fly line is a No. 5 floating line with a 17-pound test fluorocarbon leader. The leader has a nail knot tied to the No. 5 floating fly line and the hook of choice was a No. 4 bronze Aberdeen baited with an earthworm.

I put the earthworm on the hook and cast it out without any weight or split shot on the leader. The bait sunk slowly in the clear water, which drew in bluegill who love to hit falling bait.

When the bream takes the bait, the floating line will dart forward or to the side to indicate a strike. All you have to do after that is raise the fly rod and set the hook.

I caught a big bluegill on my second cast and everyone else using the same setup was catching a bluegill, chinquapin or a goggle-eye.

In four hours, we caught more than 30 nice fish.

We called it a day around 8 p.m. and headed home for supper without keeping any fish.

"Man, this is nice to come out and catch plenty of fish," my brother, "Buck" McDonald, said. "Now we are going home and donít have any fish to clean."

Bream caught in Des Allemands.
Bream caught in Des Allemands.