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World Trade Center should remain

Our View - July 3, 2013

It’s unbelievable that The Tricentennial Plan in New Orleans would provide for tearing down one of the most significant buildings in the city — the World Trade Center at the foot of Canal Street. A non-descript sculpture would replace it similar to the arch that decorates the Mississippi River water front in St. Louis.

True, The Trade Center is not serving its intended purpose at present which was to be headquarters for businesses and organizations engaged in world trade. But certainly there should be something that can be changed that would make it usable.

It is a very beautiful and unusual building. When in full operation, its revolving tower allowed visitors to sit and enjoy a cocktail as they viewed the 360-degree landscape around the city.

It was a pleasant experience after a day downtown or in the quarter from which to watch the lights go on in the Crescent City from a central spot as the river curved around you. Certainly some use can be made of the unusual façade that extends the building in four different directions that creates a spectacular view of the city’s main thoroughfares on land and water.

The plan is part of a five-year blueprint for growing tourism that was introduced by the hospitality industry this year. It will also expand the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center further up the river and extend riverfront parks downriver.

Fixing up the nation’s greatest riverfront at its hub in New Orleans is a good idea but there seems to be no good reason to tear down a structure that could serve that purpose as well.