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Nattie Swan - December 6, 2006

Nattie Swan is St. Charles Parish’s best new advice columnist for kids and their parents. Let her help you. Send questions to

Dear Nattie: My mother says I'm too young to date, but I think she's wrong. I just turned 15. And while it's true that the boy I want to see is two years older than I am - 17 - it's not like we want to go to Las Vegas for the weekend! All we're asking is that Mom let us go to dinner and a movie on Saturday nights. We both make good grades and neither one of us has ever gotten into trouble. What can I say or do to make Mom see the light? - Frustrated in Destrehan

Dear Frustrated: Maybe you should try to talk to your mom and work out a compromise, like asking her to chaperon your dates to begin with. This should help build trust until she will let you go solo. You should also try, instead of dinner and a movie, lunch and a movie. Something done in the day instead of at night is more likely to get parental approval.

Dear Nattie: One of my teachers thinks I cheated on a true-false test, and she gave me an "F" even though I got every question but one right. Nattie, I didn't cheat on that test. I'm not that kind of person. But when I tried to tell the teacher I didn’t cheat, she said she heard me whispering to another student. That's not true. I know another girl who sits near me was whispering, but not to me. I think the teacher has us confused, but if I tell her that, I'll be tattling on the other girl. Help me figure this out. Should I go to the principal or just take the "F" - or what? - Honest Student in Hahnville

Dear Honor Student: I think you should go to the teacher after class and ask her if you can retake the test. Do not demand the teacher to do anything because this will lessen your chances of her giving you what you want. If this does not work you should go the principle and voice your concern. Also, ask the teacher if she can move you to another seat.