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Lakewood Elementary document based social studies

From staff and wire reports - March 29, 2013

Monica Chapmanís 5th grade social studies class at Lakewood Elementary experienced a different lesson when they encountered their first document based questions (DBQ) lesson.

The students began their lesson on the Silk Road by examining primary resources like maps of Marco Poloís and Zheng Heís explorations. They were able to see what goods were traded on The Silk Road by viewing a Silk Road map. In addition they saw what other countries these explorers traveled. The students also learned of the history of silk in China to better understand its importance.

From the studentís observations of these resources they answered questions pertaining to the documents. They worked together to complete their questions and to share their thinking. After the students completed that task, they composed a writing to answer two overall questions. School officals said the students found the lesson both interesting and challenging.

Lakewood Elementary document based social studies