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A new way would finance our nation

Our View - March 8, 2013

The USA is a divided nation in these times of partiality in national politics. Itís time to get our sides together enough to give and take to help decide the issues in a way that provides a workable solution even though it does not satisfy both sides entirely.

The recent fight between Democrats and Republicans over the $85 billion in budget cuts threatened to cause a downturn in the economy. It was feared that reductions in government expenditures in certain departments would cause many to suffer as wages were lost and government subsidies were reduced.

Thankfully, it appears that has not happened and there is hope it will not happen due to a better economy. It could be that the private sector has revived enough to replace government expenditures that will be lost.

And that could be the answer to our problem. Reduce the size of federal government to the point where private enterprise can thrive with less governmental interference and more of the taxpayersí money saved for building an increase in the nationís economy.

Although President Obama insists on raising income taxes on the rich a second time, Republicans have put their foot down in refusing to do so. It appears to be the presidentís turn to give in after the GOP consented on the first tax raise.

As income tax time approaches, we have an opportune time to realize how unfair our system of financing federal government really is. There are many ways of interpreting what we are supposed to pay which is contained in extensive technical detail that would take an ordinary taxpayer a year to interpret. In fact, that could be a good reason to support Gov. Bobby Jindal for president since he is supporting replacement of state income tax with a state sales tax to simplify our payment of taxes and lessen it. If he were elected president, maybe he could replace our national income tax with a value-added tax, similar to a sales tax, which has been proposed by other presidential candidates.

If he could do that, he could turn this nation around in simplifying the way we finance our federal government. And he would make it so much easier to live here in the United States.