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Women sentenced to a day in prison for role in Christmas parade brawl

Jonathan Menard - December 2, 2012

Most charges were dropped against two women who each resisted arrest at the Norco Christmas parade last year, which police said led to a mini riot and the injury of two deputies.

Anika Jackson, 33, and Keshonda Jackson, 26, both pled guilty on Nov. 16 to resisting an officer. They were sentenced to one day in jail and given credit for time served.

A. Jackson was originally charged with disturbing the peace, battery of a police officer and another count of resisting an officer. Those charges were all dismissed. K. Jackson was originally charged with disturbing the peace and battery of a police officer and those charges were also dismissed.

Additionally, 19-year-old Blaire Odum, who was arrested and charged with inciting a riot, will have to attend a pre-trial intervention program. The program provides defendants, usually first-time offenders, with opportunities for alternatives to the traditional criminal process of ordinary prosecution.

The incident took place near the Capitol One Bank parking lot on Apple Street following last year’s parade while children waited in line to get their picture taken with Santa. A. Jackson and K. Jackson, both of Gramercy, got into an argument and were yelling profanity in front of hundreds of onlookers, according to Capt. Pat Yoes, a spokesman with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Yoes said that the women were told several times to leave the area, but they refused and were arrested. During the arrests, Yoes said that A. Jackson and K. Jackson kicked and punched the officers.

While police were trying to corral the women, a 16-year-old boy from Norco ran up from behind and punched an officer in the back of his head, authorities said. The deputy lost consciousness for several seconds and fell on his side, according to the arrest report.

Three other deputies attempted to arrest the 16-year-old, but they say he continued to resist them. The boy was tased by officers and arrested.

A 14-year-old girl from Norco was also arrested at the scene after police say she tried to run towards the officers making the arrests. However, she was stopped before she had a chance to attack any of the officers, the report said.

A Norco resident who wished to remain anonymous said that the boy and girl were related to one of the women who was being arrested.

Odum, of Destrehan, was arrested after continuing to shout for the two women to resist arrest, even after being told several times to stop yelling and leave the area, authorities said.

The fates of the 16-year-old and 14-year-old are unknown because juvenile records are not open to the public.