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Hunting regulations change in Spillway

Bruce McDonald - October 20, 2012

Because of Hurricane Isaac, deer hunters will only be able to kill doe during archery season in the Bonnet Carre Spillway.

All other deer regulations will be bucks only and the season has also been shortened, according to Dr. Chris Brantley, project manager of the Bonnet Carre Spillway. Hunters have had a lot of success in the Spillway, and a 9-point buck was killed in the area last year.

All hunting in the Bonnet Carre Spillway requires additional permits and posted restrictions apply to all hunters regardless of age. Anyone with questions should contact the project office at (985)764-7484 or go online at

Spillway Hunting Season Dates Deer Archery(either sex) Oct. 16-Feb. 15

Deer Youth Hunt (shotgun only, bucks only) Oct. 27-28. – additional permits required

Deer Shotgun (bucks only) Nov. 23-24-25

Deer Shotgun (bucks only) Dec. 15-30

During deer season, the use of dogs are allowed for waterfowl only.

Duck - Nov. 17 – Dec. 2, Dec. 15 - Jan. 27

Squirrel and Rabbit – Oct. 6 – Feb. 28

Hogs, armadillos, beaver, nutria, coyotes, crows, blackbirds and starlings may be taken incidental to any Spillway hunt with weapons legal for that hunt.

Eli Vicknair, of Norco, with a 9-point killed in the Spillway.
Eli Vicknair, of Norco, with a 9-point killed in the Spillway.