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Kendall Stall - November 16, 2006

Do you believe in angels? I do.

Did you know that some angels begin their lives here on Earth? Thatís right Ö even right here in St. Charles Parish. I donít believe that angels on Earth realize that they are angels. Everyone else knows they are, but the angels themselves donít have a clue.

Still donít believe in angels? Let me tell you a short story about my angel.

Well, she wasnít really mine, although she made me feel that way. She traveled all around the parish helping everyone she encountered.

While on Earth our angel was modest and humble. Oh, but I have to tell you, she was beautiful inside and out.

Her hair, her shoes, her clothes, her pedicured toes Ö all just right. What a beautiful angel. One time she even appeared to have a ďhalo.Ē She glowed ... and that glow didnít come from fancy jewelry.

It was coming from within her, an inner beauty. After all, thatís what truly made her an angel. Thatís when I realized, maybe I can become an angel, too.

So, I watched her very carefully. She didnít speak much. Her actions spoke much louder than her words. This is what I observed:

She listened Ö even when it wasnít convenient for her. And she didnít criticize

She was always there for others ... helping. Our angel made this look simple Ö I tried it - it isnít .

She worked hard, didnít complain and never gave up.

Not only did she continue to educate herself, she educated others.

She seemed to be ordinary but she did extraordinary things Ö she wanted ALL the children in the parish to know they could do this too ... she did this by showing them how.

She didnít blame others for putting up hurdles, she simply jumped over them.

She had idols Ö not rock stars or actors Ö real role models: Jesus, and her mom and dad.

She didnít seem to be physically strong, in fact, she was somewhat clumsy. I thought all angels had special physical powers Ö her strength though came from calm, enduring wisdom Ö she was stronger than Hercules

Our angel was kind to everyone Ö EVERYONE Ö even those people who were not kind to her. I didnít think they deserved it Ö maybe thatís why Iím not an angel.

Our angel didnít know that I was observing her and learning from her. She couldnít have. She left me without notice. I had so much more to learn. I miss her. We all miss her.

St. Peter heard her coming ... her bracelets jingling ... she already had a set of keys.

She carried them everywhere she went: kindness, compassion, caring, and love for others.

Thatís what opened up the Pearly Gates. Letís celebrate her life on Earth and new life as a heavenly angel.

Janice Guss is an angel.

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