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Iran is major threat to world

Allen Lottinger - October 4, 2012

The main threat from nuclear weapons today comes from Iran. The country is believed to be nearing the stage of developing such a weapon that could be used for extensive destructive purposes by next summer.

That should be sufficient reason for the Obama administration to push the United Nations to get an agreement from Iran that it wonít happen along with inspections to back it up.

Otherwise, it is up to our country to intervene and stop Iranís project.

Iran is at odds with Israel and many of its leaders believe the Jewish state should not have been created after the Holocaust. Israel is not reported to be developing a nuclear weapon but it is storing up other weapons in case a conflict could evolve with Iran. Those weapons could not counterattack an atomic bomb but they could supposedly stop one from being built which, reportedly, could be in the minds of Israeli leaders.

Another dangerous possibility is that Iran could slip a nuclear weapon into the hands of terrorists. And that is certainly cause for action to halt Iranís development of it.

With all of the hot spots in the Mideast, it is easy to overlook Iranís development of the weapon which it refuses to stop. But it is perhaps the biggest threat to international security.

Since the U. S. is the leader in providing protection to the world, it is our duty to see to it that Iran does not produce that bomb.