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Valdin will keep close eye on special teams, running backs

Kyle Barnett - August 23, 2012

The Hahnville Tigers are taking their last step towards the regular season when they play against St. James in Thursday’s Ed Reed River Parishes Jamboree. The game will begin at 6 p.m. at Destrehan.

Tiger head man Lou Valdin said he is going to keep a close eye on his special teams as well as making sure the Tigers are not making personnel mistakes.

"I want to get every special team on film–that’s the big thing," Valdin said. "I want to make sure we are organized as far as sideline organization, making sure we have eleven on the field and that sort of stuff."

Valdin said despite the team participating in scrimmages for the past two weeks, some of the starters are still fighting for their positions.

"We still have a couple of guys in the evaluation process that are fighting for jobs," Valdin said. "We’ve got some young running backs and we’ve got some defensive backs that are competing right now."

In addition, Valdin said the center position and receiving corps are going to get another look.

Valdin said having two scrimmages–first against Belle Chasse and then versus Northshore High School–have helped the team progress. He said the scrimmages have gone a long way towards preparing the team for the regular season and the jamboree is the last stop before it starts to count.

"It’s another opportunity before the season comes to go after another opponent," Valdin said. "It’s hard to evaluate your kids going against the same kids every day. You’ve got to get them going against a guy in a different colored jersey to really get a good evaluation on them."

Coming out of the scrimmages, Valdin said the offense has had some trouble coming together–something he hopes he does not have to worry about during the jamboree.

"We are doing good at quarterback, but our receivers need to do a better job sprinting off their routes and that sort of thing. Some of our offensive drives have been killed by a dropped pass," Valdin said. "Right now I am not really pleased with the timing in our passing game and our quarterback has been getting hit too many times."

On defense, Valdin said his team needs more work on tackling and coming off the ball before they face Jesuit High School for their first regular season game next week.

"We need to polish up all the little things for Jesuit because you know they are very good," Valdin said. "They are mistake free. They are a polished bunch. They wait for you to make mistakes and then they exploit you."

Hahnville’s first regular season game will be Aug. 30 against Jesuit at home.

Valdin will keep close eye on special teams, running backs