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Olympics help to unite the world

Our View - August 10, 2012

Itís a positive note that a world with so many differences can take time out to enjoy friendly competition in an orderly manner. The Olympics have kept us together in many ways and hopefully can continue to do so through an endless future.

It was feared that the bigness of London would create problems for staging the Olympics. But, at this writing, the games seem to be going well. The British deserve congratulations for their successful efforts in making them serve their purpose.

Weíre sure there are some forces out there that would like to disrupt the spirit of a world that can enjoy friendly competition. And for that reason, it has required a lot of policing to keep it peaceful.

But itís worth the effort. And perhaps we can come up with other activities among people of all nations that will further bind us in a brotherly spirit that could ensure our peaceful existence into the future.

While the Olympics have been peaceful, they have also showed displays of extreme class exhibited by the athletes participating.

When double-amputee runner Oscar Pistorius failed to reach the Olympic final of the 400 meters, he was immediately consoled by world champion Kirani James. James walked over to Pistorius and asked to trade name bibs with him. The pair shook hands and hugged and James later won the gold medal in that event.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive after winning four gold medals in back-to-back Olympics, was being interviewed about his most recent accomplishment while American Sanya Richards-Ross awaited her gold for winning the 400-meter dash.

As the "Star Spangled Banner" began to play, Bolt halted the interview and asked the reporter to be respectful of the moment. Bolt then stood in silence watching Richards-Ross as the anthem played on.

When the anthem ended, he continued with his interview as if nothing had happened.

Just a few reasons how athletes participating in the Olympic games have showed the world how to put any differences aside and play on. Thatís something we should all try to do in our own lives.