St. Charles Herald-Guide

City next door needs some change

Allen Lottinger - June 7, 2012

New Orleans is an amazing city.

It has the highest crime rate per population count in the country, and yet it has more attractions to well-meaning citizens than any other metropolitan area.

‘Tis a contradiction to the normal way of doing things that has to be explored and determined why it exists. And then city fathers need to explore the ways they can pull down the negatives and replace them with more positives that will not make it look like the biggest plus-minus civilization in the USA.

We won’t go into the crime angle. We know enough about that from TV. Every time we try to watch what’s going on in the world, we find out what’s not going on well in New Orleans. After all, the news media reports the bad and some do not balance it out with the good. But if there is bad, it deserves more attention than the good until that bad is eliminated or reduced.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who has his heart and soul in New Orleans, certainly is anxious to turn the city’s crime statistics around. That is the most important need in the city’s future.

How that can be done may be quite difficult but it is a necessity. Here in St. Charles, our sheriff regularly lets people know how they can be on the lookout for crime and how they can help combat it. And it seems to work very well in our neighborhoods

New York City, which was the main crime center in the country many years ago, went after the problem and, apparently, solved it. And today, as the biggest city in the U. S., it is one of the safest metropolitan areas around.

So after Mayor Landrieu, who is a good mayor, solves that problem, and we’re sure he will, New Orleans can then turn to the other side of the picture. It shows a wonderful world of live entertainment like theatre, opera, symphonies and night club productions as well as art exhibitions, botanical shows, football and basketball extravaganzas and just about everything else you can imagine that our civic-minded citizens would enjoy.

So, Mitch, and everybody else who can help, let’s proceed in continuing New Orleans as an amazing city. And concentrate big time on turning down the evil part that has tried to invade its boundaries.

The good people of New Orleans don’t want it. They want a city that continues its many wonderful aspects and is safe besides.