St. Charles Herald-Guide

Graduates need to think ahead

Our View - May 17, 2012

Itís graduation time again when students throw up their caps and cheer the results of their learning through years of schooling.

Some will go on to higher levels of education. Many will seek employment.

A few will join the armed services, which is a good temporary decision for those who arenít sure about their permanent space in the future of our country and world. And then, of course, they may decide that is where they should be permanently to help preserve our freedom and independence.

Whatever their choices, we hope they will think seriously about their futures and take the right paths to their fulfillments. They are in their prime of life and at the right stage to start making plans for the rest of it.

We are fortunate in St. Charles Parish to have a superior school system that can prepare our young people well for what lies ahead. We are also fortunate to have many opportunities for employment in plants along the river and other very good possibilities for permanent jobs that will fulfill their needs.

So it is time to say, among the cheers, to go ahead students and plan for a bright future in which you can help yourself in your further maturity. And donít forget the rest of the community and world which needs bright young people to correct the wrongs that currently exist.

There are people in many countries that do not experience the freedom and independence we have here. And there are many in this country that could benefit from your help.

So think seriously about your future and that of the world in which you live. And prepare to serve it well.