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Hurst Teachers Honored as Holocaust Educators of the Year

Kyle Barnett - May 10, 2012

Recently three teachers at Harry Hurst were honored as being the Educators of the Year during the Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony.

This event was sponsored by the Jewish Community Center as well as many other local organizations and it took place at the Uptown campus. The night began with each Holocaust Survivor in New Orleans lighting a candle of remembrance for those who were lost. The guest speaker was Dr. Leon Bass, an African American World War II Veteran who helped in the liberation of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

Harry Hurst teachers Carla Murphy, Leigh Baltazar and Sarah Smith were honored for their efforts towards integrating Holocaust education into their curriculum. These English teachers utilize literature and art to help their students relate the experiences of Holocaust victims and survivors to descrimination in their own lives. The Educators of the Year award goes to teachers in the area who have a passion in teaching the history of the Holocaust in hopes that no one would forget this tragedy.

Hurst Teachers Honored as Holocaust Educators of the Year