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Sheriff gets help in fighting crime

Our View - May 4, 2012

Sheriff Greg Champagne is showing us a new way to fight crime - by getting local citizens to help.

Thatís what he did recently when robbers were showing up in Luling. He went on the Internet and even telephone to alert residents of the area about the crimes being committed.

He did this with e-mails, text messages and even emergency phone calls. It was a mass appeal to bring the public into the fight against crime.

"We can enlist the citizensí help in preventing and solving crime by giving them as much information as we can," Champagne said. "It is our hope to let people know, without overloading them with information, and without scaring them, that we do have crime and we need their help."

It seems that the technique worked in the Luling burglary case. The alleged burglars were apprehended less than two weeks after the first burglary.

That technique should be employed in other areas where crime is much more prevalent than St. Charles Parish. The police need help in maintaining law and order everywhere and who can help better than the people who are out there on the scene near the places where crimes are committed.