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Luling home burglaries are likely connected

Jonathan Menard - April 19, 2012

A home burglary that occurred Tuesday at noon in Willowdale is likely connected to three more home burglaries that recently took place in Luling, according to Sheriff Greg Champagne.

The newest burglary took place in the 600 block of Willowdale Boulevard. Authorities say the homeowner returned shortly after his home was broken into and saw a white male run from behind the home towards a grey Toyota. A white female in her mid-twenties with black hair was acting as a lookout, the witness said.

The two burglars were able to get into the car and flee towards Highway 90. The items they were attempting to steal were dropped near the back door, Champagne said.

According to the witness, the vehicle had Missouri plates on the front and back of the vehicle.

Champagne said that a neighbor also reported seeing a grey pickup truck in the area that could have been working with the suspects.

"Ironically, detectives in an unmarked vehicle had passed in the area ten minutes prior," Champagne said.

He believes the perpetrators are operating from a location in Jefferson Parish.

The recent Willowdale burglary shares a lot of similarities with two home burglaries that took place off of Barton Avenue on Friday and one that occurred on River Road in Luling on April 6.

The two Friday burglaries both occurred in the late morning/early afternoon hours, with the first taking place on Walnut Street and the second occurring on Evelyn Drive, Champagne said.

The burglar kicked in a door to gain entry to both homes and took items such as electronics, fire proof document boxes and jewelry.

A witness told police that a man knocked on the door of one of the homes and left in a grey car.

Authorities are asking that anyone with information regarding these crimes call the St. Charles Parish detective unit at (985)783-1135 or 911. They are also asking for anyone who has video surveillance equipment in the Willowdale/Willowridge area to contact them.

"More importantly, we are asking residents to please contact us if you see anyone knocking on neighbor’s doors during the middle of the day during weekdays," Champagne said. "We are not confining our suspicion to this particular vehicle description. Also, while these burglaries occurred in the Luling area, residents everywhere need to be vigilant."

Champagne added that deputies and detectives will take extra investigatory steps while increasing patrols in an effort to apprehend or prevent further residential burglaries.

"All available manpower is being dedicated toward the effort to identify and apprehend these individuals," Champagne said.