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It looks like Obama vs. Romney

Our View - April 12, 2012

The real campaign for President is about to get underway.


Now that Rick Santorum has stepped aside, the Republican nomination is somewhat a sure shot for Mitt Romney. And of course, the present incumbent, President Barack Obama, will fill the Democratic slot.

It is somewhat of a relief knowing now the candidates will campaign on important issues and not resort to differences that won’t mean much in running the country.

Obviously, President Obama will campaign on continuing his liberal program. Though Romney is more moderate than many Republicans, he will have to follow their line to a great extent so they won’t stay home and not vote.

Both candidates will have to give in when it is obvious the opponent is on the right side of an issue. Of course, they will try to change the subject instead. That is the American way.

The presidential debates, which started with John Kennedy and Richard Nixon facing each other before their election, have been great in letting the public know the differences between the candidates, both in what they know and how they would govern. Of course, a great debater may not make the best President.

So the public really will have to be alert and attentive to the issues in the campaign and try to size up the candidates as to how they can handle them. We have several months to go before entering the voting machines.

So turn these months into a learning process and digest the important information these candidates put out.

And by the time the election rolls around, we can do a real service to our country by helping to determine its course in the future in a well-informed way.