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Teen's Ďdream tripí to get driverís license gives mom the jitters

Ann Taylor - October 25, 2006

On October 19, Anthony Taylor, 16, got his drivers license. Cool mom I'm not, and this has been harder than I thought. But he made the grades, and we had a deal.

We walked into the St. Charles Parish Driver's License Office on a Thursday morning and realized right away that we had picked the right time to come.

Only two other people were in the waiting room. They smiled when I pulled out my camera and began taking pictures of Anthony waiting to get his first license.

"That's so cute," said one. Anthony didn't think it was cute.

The unusual quiet in the waiting room allowed the licensing staff to relax when I walked in with the camera.

They also had plenty of time to give us advice. Sorry to say, this advice did not calm my fears.

"Things are gonna happen," said Marylin Dubois. "Just remember, if anything does happen, tell your mother," she told Anthony in a consoling tone as we waited for his license.

That's just great, I thought. It was as if she was trying to prepare us for the inevitable.

"Things are really quiet around here," I said, changing the subject.

"It's a good thing you didn't come here yesterday morning," said one, lamenting about the poor teens who had overwhelmed the small office the day before while trying to get their licenses before school.

Anthony passed the driving test and is now a fully licensed driver - a huge milestone in his life. Iíve learned to bite my tongue when Iím in the car with him. No more backseat driving.

As far as fretting or worrying when heís out on his own, I just have to trust that he will be a sane and sensible driver. Besides, I realized the great benefits to his driving over the weekend when I sent him to the grocery store several times to pick up odds and ends.

Itís in Godís hands now!

Teen's Ďdream tripí to get driverís license gives mom the jitters