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Saints suddenly go askew

Our View - March 9, 2012

The New Orleans Saints are going through trying times these days after a spectacular Super Bowl win two years ago and a near miss at getting into the big game this year.

Now they have to cope with the complications of keeping their winning quarterback on the team and the reported bounty hunting charge made against some of the Saints players. Itís an embarrassing situation for the team after such an uplift in conference standing and appreciation from the fans.

Keeping Drew Brees on the team, which almost all fans want, became a question when the Saints placed an exclusive rights franchise on him as a free agent. This apparently meant that contract negotiations could drag on longer than was hoped.

As for the bounty hunting charge, it almost makes a fan want to quit supporting professional football. Now when we see the players run out on the field, are we to be reminded of the lions that surged forth in the Coliseum after their prey?

We need a complete turnaround in the sport that will leave no trace of evil doing or even intentional unnecessary roughness. We need evidence that things are going to change if well-meaning citizens are to support it again.

This could be the death toll for one of the best entertainment values on the planet. Hopefully the Saints will live up to their name and not let any semblance of deliberate injury go further.

Hopefully, we can look forward to many years ahead of real sports in which the players and fans can enjoy the game the way it is supposed to be played.

We feel sure that most of the teamís leadership is in favor of that.