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Tell your neighbor to throw you something

Our View - February 17, 2012

Carnival time is here again and St. Charles Parish is looking forward to a big weekend ahead. The Krewes of Lul and Des Allemands are set to roll and will have plenty of favors to spread around. Plus, there will be a lot of merry-making and feasting on the streets of Luling Saturday and Des Allemands Sunday.

Planning the parades on the weekend before Mardi Gras gives residents of St. Charles an opportunity to enjoy their home-grown carnival with friends and neighbors before the big event on Fat Tuesday.

There are many ways to enjoy carnival. You can costume and become another person. Or you can stay the same and just act like someone else.

It gives one somewhat of an insight into how the other half lives. The guy who tends to his job religiously throughout the rest of the year can become a clown or a ballet star.

Mardi Gras lets us know life was not meant to be a dull affair. We were given the ability to laugh and be happy which enlightens people to look forward to another day.

Carnival allows the individual to express himself in many ways, from costuming and becoming a different person to feasting and merry-making. The human spirit is meant to let loose now and then.

So before Rex, Comus and Zulu hit the streets of the big city next door, go out and enjoy Lul and Des Allemands this weekend. Youíll enjoy the local atmosphere with people you know riding the floats to whom you can yell "Hey neighbor Joe, throw me something."