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North Korea flexing its nuclear muscle

Our View - October 11, 2006

Strange that the very week South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Kimoon was nominated to head the United Nations, North Korea announced it conducted an underground nuclear test. That could be good or bad.

The test could be an act of defiance by North Korean leader Kim Jong-II because the international body is considering appointing a South Korean to the post. If not, it could be a benefit to have his neighbor in the top position of that international body.

The world cannot tolerate the expansion of nuclear capabilities among countries around the world. Our experience with terrorists has shown we cannot trust people around the world to respect the safety of other nations.

When we are talking about nuclear weapons, we are not talking about bullets and bayonettes. We are talking about the ability to kill thousands and millions of people and making the world unsafe for habitation.

Pres. George W. Bush is pushing for new sanctions against North Korea in answer to the nuclear test claims. Those sanctions must be strong enough to make that communist country change its nuclear outlook and take on a more peaceful posture.

We must make use of what means we have to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The security of the entire world depends upon it.